Why I Stopped Greeting My Mama “Happy Mother’s Day”


May is considered by many as the month of our mothers. This is when people from all over the globe greet their moms and send them gifts of appreciation and messages of gratitude on social media. This became apparent to me as my Facebook and Instragram feeds were flooded with Mother’s Day-related sweet nothings last Sunday.

While the world is busy celebrating Mother’s Day, I was there preoccupied with the things I’d usually do at home – washing the dishes (alongside my brother to unload my Mama’s household chores), watching television with Mama as we would normally do on a daily basis, eating meals with her and the whole family, and spending the rest of the quarantine period laughing over jokes and memes with her.

Before the lockdown, I and my mom have the routine of eating lunch together after her teaching work whenever I am around her work area. We’d go to our favorite fast food chains and catch up with things about her work, my law studies, and life. If I’m at the office, we never fail to get in touch either thru text or phone calls. We’d talk for long hours after work as if we were best friends who never saw each other for years.

When Mama needs a companion for her check-ups (she has Diabetes Mellitus Type II), I’d prefer skipping classes just to accompany her to the clinic. If I have work on such day, I’ll arrange everything for her so she won’t have to go to her physician all by herself. Then, to further help her manage her condition, I’ll buy all the medications she needs – even when she protests that I don’t – so she can spend her money to buy the things she needs or wants.

Whenever Mama likes to talk about life, I am the first person to volunteer to be her companion and coffee buddy. We spend our weekend afternoons talking about life over cups of coffee and bunch of snacks.

I want to be the child who is THERE for Mama – Mother’s Day or not

You see, I may not greet Mama during Mother’s Day, most often due to failure of memory, but I make sure to honor and take care of her every day and for the rest of her life. I believe that while it is good to communicate in words or in greeting how much she means to me, it is better to put things into action. Personally, no words can describe how much I love her and no amount of Mother’s Day greeting can honor all the sacrifices she had gone through just so I can live my life to the fullest.

So yeah, forgive me for being the pesky daughter, who doesn’t greet her mother on a Mother’s Day. Perhaps, I just prefer skipping all the talking and actually be the daughter I should be for her regardless of whether there is an occasion or none.

God loves us so much that He gave each of us our own mothers


May this post make us realize that “Mother’s Day” is not just in May. It is everyday and for life.





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God Loves and PROTECTS

The Open Concavity

God is always with us, especially during this time of trials. He uses different persons and circumstances to make His presence felt among us.

Let us not allow the challenging times to prevent us from praising and giving Him our unwavering faith.

May God’s blessings and protection come your way, everyday.

Stay safe!





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“Is COVID-19 a Biological Weapon?” — Our Quarantine-Inspired Article

Mark Twain (1)

COVID-19, a biological weapon? This is not exactly what I and my boyfriend, Jumel, were thinking when we wrote our article entitled “Developing an “Unseen” Weapon: Sars-CoV-2 as a Precursor for Unconventional Chemical-Biological Warfare of the 21st Century”,

But this probability sure hasn’t escaped our minds either.

Bioterrorism, particularly chemical-biological warfare (CBW), has always been our favorite topic over our late-night Facebook conversations/chats and dates. So, it is unsurprising that one day, we’ll be writing an article about this. However, we never thought we could actually have it published by national security websites at a time as relevant as the Sars-CoV-2 virus (COVID-19) outbreak.

To have a glimpse of what we think of the implications of the COVID-19 virus in the arena of national security, you may visit Global Village Space or access it thru the following link:


However, please take note that the title used in that website is different from the original one (please see above) we submitted. Global Village Space changed it. You know, editorial stuff…

If you want to see the raw version of it, feel free to visit my law school and lifestyle blog (Yes, I have a new one, which I’ll tell more about in a separate post.). Head over to Totetally Legal (click this hyperlink).

Writing and sharing our geopolitical analyses to as many readers as we could is our passion. We hope to write more valuable analyses and/or content in the future, together as usual.

Feel free to let us know what you think.



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Relish, Not ‘Reset’ is What We Need

“Ma, how can I control time?”

“Hmmm… to control time, you have to relish every moment of it.”

The above dialogue is from the last scene of the movie called “Reset”. (It is a Chinese film  that was dubbed in Filipino. Hence, I’d like to apologize in advance for my inaccurate English translation.)

I seldom get affected with science fiction movies; they linger only for a few minutes, leaving no impact whatsoever in my mind. But this movie got me thinking so much tonight — too much that I thought I need to write my thoughts in a blog post.

“Reset”, which Jackie Chan (one of my favorite action stars) produced in 2017, is all about parallel universes and time travel. Here, a researcher dared risking her life to go back, three times, just to save his beloved son. (At this juncture, please note that this is NOT a movie review so I cannot give more details. Or have I given a lot already, enough to spoil the excitement?)

My most favorite dialogue in this movie is that which I quoted above — between the researcher (protagonist) and her son. Out of all the dialogues and/or scenes from the movie, this one really hit me hard because it reminded me of a valuable lesson about life and time.

This movie just made me realize how people often devalue life by taking time for granted. Most of us spend a lot of hours, days, and years working and/or studying (Hmmm… So me…), or building our careers, without giving time for reflection, family, life, and rest because we think we can always “catch up” tomorrow.

In this movie, the researcher’s and her son’s lives were changed in just a snap. In a blink of an eye, they were suddenly put in a situation where there’s no way out.

If this happens, can humans actually reset time to rectify their actions?

The movie’s protagonist successfully did on her 3rd try. Unfortunately, our lives are not even close to this sci-fi movie.

The reality is we can only have so much time as we can possibly spend in this lifetime. Rather than spending most of it to slaving over office work, procrastinating, or lamenting over past mistakes, I believe we should relish every moment of it and dedicate it to searching our true purpose or mission in life.

Ultimately, I think, by cherishing every second of our time as if it is a rare and expensive commodity, it is only then that we can realize how to really seize every moment of it.




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Case Digest Made Easy: 7 Steps to Digest Your Case Readings More Efficiently

For some, the lockdown or quarantine period meant boredom and unproductivity, owing to the fact that everyone is compelled to stay home and employ social distancing. However, for law students, particularly those who, like me, were pressed with time prior the quarantine period, lockdown means more time to attend to our law school backlogs.

Apart from our usual codal and commentaries, case laws are among those “backlogs” I am referring to. Reading ang digesting cases readings are necessary in order for law students to understand how exactly the law is applied to a given set of circumstances.

Accordingly, I would like to share this simple case digest guide to all law students out there, especially to those who are lagging far behind their case reading backlogs, so they may be able to digest case readings more efficiently.

If you happen to know a law student, feel free to share the post reblogged below to them. Hopefully, this helps.




When I entered law school, even as a working student, I was prepared to face piles of case readings, which our law professors would surely assign. Some of them require us to read short cases. Other professors would assign a few ones, but are actually 100+ pages each.


Just kidding.

Things had been tough for me during my early law school years owing to the fact that I am also working while studying. There were times when I couldn’t just finish the assigned case readings since we were also required to read annotations of the law.

However, little did I realize that alongside hurdling law school comes the ability to develop simple yet effective strategies in order to decode or digest a case faster and more efficiently.

Quantity AND Quality

Before, I used to be torn between “digesting more” and “understanding more”.

Whenever I would “digest more”, I often…

View original post 1,233 more words

Singing the Enhanced Community Quarantine Away (Part 2)

Oh well, just to use some of the spare time I have from being a homebody (due to our own version of “lockdown” in the Philippines), I sing songs whenever I am in the mood. And last week was kind of a productive week for singing for me because I sang two songs and share them via social media.

In my previous post, I covered Disney’s “A Whole New World”. This time, upon my brother’s persistent request, we did a cover of one of the popular Original Pilipino Music (OPM) songs we have in the Philippines. It is called “Ikaw at Ako”, which Moira Dela Torre (a contemporary pop singer and songwriter) and her husband, Jayson Hernandez, composed and sang for their nuptial.

From the bottom of our hearts, I and my brother, Joshua (the guitarist in the video above) thank you so much for spending time listening to our rendition. We hope to make more song covers for you in the days to come — as we deal with the Enhanced Community Quarantine measures against COVID-19.



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Fighting The Unseen Enemy: COVID-19 in A Nutshell

Image by Tumisu from Pixabay


This article or blog post contains general health information. Whatever medical information that may be found here is in no way a medical advise and should not be treated as such.

You must not rely on this article for medical advise or use this as an alternative to a licensed physician’s opinion. If you have specific questions about this subject matter, or any other health-related matter, kindly consult a physician.

If you are or think you are suffering from any medical condition, you should consult your doctor immediately.

Notwithstanding the fact that I am a registered nurse by profession, I am not ashamed to admit that there’s still a lot about the COVID-19 disease that I have to know much about. It is to be noted that this emerging infection is not as simple or as common as the influenza or flu virus, and the fact that it belongs to the same family of coronaviruses as the flu virus doesn’t make its understanding any easier.

Nonetheless, I won’t let this roadblock prevent me from sharing in this post more about the COVID-19 disease. In this time and age, we can always find for credible information on the internet, which will enable us to learn more about COVID-19, what’s causing it, and what signs and symptoms to look for. This way, we can use all available information to arm us with knowledge that will protect both ourselves and our loved ones.

What causes COVID-19?

The dreaded COVID-19, formerly known as “2019 novel coronavirus”, is caused by a newly discovered strain of coronavirus recently named as severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 or Sars-CoV-2. To date, there had been more than six 663,000 COVID-19 cases all over the world, more or less one hundred 142,000 recoveries, and more than 30,000 COVID-19-related deaths.

Previously, Wuhan, China was considered the “epicenter” of the Sars-CoV-2 infection in which experts had accounted a total of 81,439 COVID-19 cases, with 3,300 total deaths. Now, the United States of America has surpassed this record, with a total of 123,750 cases and 2,227 deaths. Here in the Philippines (from where I’m from), we have a total of 1,075 COVID-19 cases,

(To browse COVID-19-related statistics per country, visit Worldometer.com)

How does the Sars-CoV-2 virus make you sick?

What makes COVID-19 a lethal disease to humans – particulary on those suffering from pre-existing cardio-respiratory diseases, with low immunity, and other sicknesses (co-morbidities) – is the fact that it wreaks havoc on our lungs, impairing or destroying our capability for normal oxygenation.

To learn more about how the coronavirus makes a person sick, and COVID-19’s disease process, here’s a short yet informative animated video by the Nucleus Medical Media:

How can one get COVID-19?

Primarily, the Sars-CoV-2 virus, which causes the lethal COVID-19, may be spread through human to human transmission through any of the following means:

  • Close human to human contact (known as human to human transmission), when persons are less than 2-meter or 6-feet apart from one another.
  • Droplet transmission, which is thru respiratory droplets from an infection person’s nasal discharges; and/or
  • Aerosol transmission, which is through aerial  droplets that are suspended in the air, particularly in enclosed areas (This new theory, however, is one of the probabilities still being carefully examined by our medical experts.)

Notably, as most of those who had contracted COVID-19 in Wuhan, China were reported to have been exposed to the wet animal markets in their area, experts believe that Sars-CoV-2 is actually a zoonotic virus. This means, transmission can also be made from an animal host to human beings.

Signs and symptoms to watch out for

COVID-19 symptoms may appear within 2-14 days from exposure to an infected person or a contaminated surface. Medical experts urge anyone, who may be experiencing the following symptoms, to seek medical attention immediately and in order to be tested for COVID-19:

Meanwhile, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend anyone with the following emergency warning signs to seek medical assistance immediately:

  • Persistent chest pain or pressure;
  • Newly observed confusion or inability to arouse
  • Bluish lips or face (also known as cyanosis)

However, given the foregoing, one must likewise remember that not all persons infected with Sars-CoV-2 will present such symptoms. These individuals, who are “asymptomatic” may then be carriers of the virus to their families or communities. Thus, it is but more prudent to #stayathome and employ #socialdistancing to prevent contracting or spreading the Sars-CoV-2 to others.

COVID-19 symptoms are similar to those of other illnesses

COVID-19 signs and symptoms are quite similar to those of other common illnesses and diseases some of us might have experienced, such as common colds, flu, and seasonal/allergic rhinitis. Thus, it is important to somehow know their similarities and differences.

Accordingly, let me share with you WebMD’s, CTV News’, and Healthline’s infographics on this:

CTV News


What to do?

Now that we have an idea of how this “unseen” enemy works, we can now take necessary steps to avert the spread of infection. As someone living in a COVID-19-stricken country, let me  of impart, through this post, ways which our Department of Health had devised as health protocols during this time of crisis:

#1  Stay at home

The stay-at-home (#stayathome) directive of our government is not an empty order. By staying at home, social distancing is increased, consequently slowing the transmission / infection of Sars-CoV-2. As a result, surge in COVID-19 cases may be prevented; the government and health care system will be saved from having to deal with large numbers of citizens contracting the disease.

As I have mentioned in my previous COVID-19-related post, Philippines’ Luzon island is under the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) until 14 April 2020. We are not allowed to go out of our homes UNLESS we are going out to buy or fetch our basic necessities. Eventually, what seemed to be an imposed measure among Filipinos had thereafter become an act of willingness on their part. As more COVID-19 cases are being reported everyday, it appears that Filipinos are having greater resolute to end this crisis and flatten the curve of this pandemic.

Nonetheless, if going outside would be unavoidable, make sure to:

a) Bring your own hand sanitizer or alcohol (if any) with you. A

b) Wear your own personal protective equipment (PPE) such as face masks and/or gloves.

c) Avoid touching your face while you’re out and about.


d) Make it a habit to remove your shoes before entering your house, spray it with alcohol (or Lysol), and put it away on a designated area.


e) Wash your hands thoroughly before going inside the house.


f) And finally, take a shower before joining your other family members at home. (In our household, this is the practice that we adhere to since the start of the ECQ period.)

Image by Mohammad Hossain from Pixabay


#2 Dispose of any personal protective equipment (such as gloves or mask) or PPE at a separate waste container.

Before having these PPE collected for disposal by your local waste or garbage collectors, make it a point to put them in a sealed bag for 72 hours. After doing this step, make sure to wash your hands thoroughly.


# 3 Do frequent handwashing.

According to the Philippine Department of Health, handwashing should last for 30 seconds. If you can’t keep track of time, it is always helpful to sing the “Happy Birthday Song” while washing your hands because this song’s duration is equivalent to the prescribed 30-second handwashing.


#4 Practice Social Distancing

As we discussed earlier, social distancing minimizes the chance of Sars-CoV-2 transmission, which consequently decreases your chance of contracting (or spreading) COVID-19.

For social distancing to be done effectively, make sure to allow at least a 2-meter (or 6-feet) distance from any person you encounter outdoors. This is the safe distance where you are most unlikely to catch respiratory droplets from others. But still, don’t rely on social distancing alone and make sure to protect yourself further by having your PPE on.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

At this juncture, may those under self-quarantine (those separated from others and whose movements are resitricted in order to observe if they will become sick) be reminded to strictly follow quarantine protocols. Thus, if your department or ministry of health tells you not to go out of your home and/or mingle with people (yes, including your family members and loved ones), DO IT. And do it even if you are a politician or government official under quarantine!

You wouldn’t want to be spreading deadly diseases and be the cause of other people’s misery, would you?

#5 Be in the know

Pixabay photo by: memyselfaneye

Who says fake news can’t kill you? From my experience here in the Philippines, many Filipinos panicked after believing unverified reports about COVID-19 and rumors about the government’s alleged plan of putting the entire Philippines under total lockdown.

At this day and age, we have google and the internet to look for credible sources of information about COVID-19 and our government’s measure to address this problem. Hence, don’t let rumors and trolls take over your life or give you the heart attack!


I will be updating all the information I included in this post, should there be newer developments on COVID-19. Until then, I pray that everyone be safe and well during this time of outbreak.





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Singing the Enhanced Community Quarantine Away! (Part 1)

I guess most nations or countries these days are putting their people under lockdown, in view of the Novel Corona Virus 2019 outbreak (COVID-19). Here in the Philippines, our President had put the entire Luzon, which is one of our main islands, under what the government called the Enhanced Community Quarantine. Accordingly, effective 16 March 2020, until 12 April 2020, Filipino citizens in Luzon will be experiencing limitations in travel and/or movement within the island.

Enhanced Community Quarantine is not actually what others would say as “lockdown” (although it’s short of having one). In this type of limitation to the Filipino citizens’ movement, the government strictly prohibits anyone from going out of their homes without necessary or official business to perform. People are allowed to go out of their homes only under the following circumstances:

  1. During medical or health emergencies;
  2. Going to and from work, provided the person has a a valid identification card (I.D.) and/or proof/certificate of employment (Notably, most businesses and government offices have adopted other work arrangements [e.g. work from home and compressed work week] in view of the suspension of operations of public utility vehicles and railway transit system; and
  3. To buy food and other necessities

We also experience curfew hours these days, with checkpoints at main ingress and egress throughout Metro Manila and entire Luzon island.

So, see? We are kind of left without any choice but to stay home. At any rate, Filipinos are fervently interested in “flattening the curve” — the increasing rise in COVID-19-related sickness and deaths. Hence, most of us, if not all, choose to just stay home.

My extra time spent on singing

I actually don’t have much “extra time” because I am one of those government employees who are required to work from home (WFH). But still, minus all the Manila traffic I deal withe every single day, I pretty much have so many time in my hands now.

After working from home, I try to relax by going back to my first love — singing. So, whenever I have time, or if I am in the mood, I record myself singing.

I love Disney songs so I decided to start off by singing a cover of one of my favorites, “A Whole New World. With lack of any talent in playing an instrument, I couldn’t thank the youtube channel Clark on Stage for providing a male part-only video-minus one for ladies, like me, who like to sing their hearts out in Youtube.

Here’s my rendition of Disney’s A Whole New World, with music accompaniment and arranged by Clark on Stage:

In times like this, we can help our respective government in combating COVID-19 by doing our part — by staying at home, employing social distancing, ensuring proper hygiene, eating healthy, and fortifying our immunity. By doing these, we are not just protecting ourselves, we are also protecting our loved ones and all the people around us from contracting this lethal viral infection.

I hope you enjoyed watching the short clip above. If you have the time, you may want to explore my channel and consider subscribing too. 🙂

May God bless us all through this trying time. I wish everyone the best health and condition as we battle the corona virus.

We will win this, as we always had over our previous ordeals as humans!





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