God Loves and PROTECTS

God is always with us, especially during this time of trials. He uses different persons and circumstances to make His presence felt among us. Let us not allow the challenging times to prevent us from praising and giving Him our unwavering faith. May God’s blessings and protection come your way, everyday. Stay safe!   xoxo, […]

“Is COVID-19 a Biological Weapon?” — Our Quarantine-Inspired Article

COVID-19, a biological weapon? This is not exactly what I and my boyfriend, Jumel, were thinking when we wrote our article entitled “Developing an “Unseen” Weapon: Sars-CoV-2 as a Precursor for Unconventional Chemical-Biological Warfare of the 21st Century”, But this probability sure hasn’t escaped our minds either. Bioterrorism, particularly chemical-biological warfare (CBW), has always been […]