The Beauty Amidst Struggle


No, don’t worry. When I said “beauty”, I am not referring to my picture above. Beauty varies per person and it’s good enough for me that my significant other, Jumel, find me beautiful enough.

I’m talking about the beauty behind and amidst sufferings and challenges.

Of course, there’s nothing “beautiful” or even pleasant with sufferings and battling out challenges. But I found that there’s something charming behind these; a promise of triumph for one who is willing to persevere and wait until he finally witnesses its realization.

In my three decades of existence, I’ve had my fair share of personal struggles. While they didn’t make me physically beautiful at all (I wish they did!), through them, I found the path where I should be headed and the purpose for which my life is created.

And you know what, it is darn beautiful.

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