Are These EOs the Bomb?


My first encounter with essential oils was more of “out of necessity” than curiosity. I have this law school friend who had this inhaler with her during one of our Political Law Review class. She said it contains “something” that enhances your focus and concentration; I was gravely intrigued. You see, I had been relying on coffee most of the time to “up” my system and be able cope with the demands of daily law school readings. I knew I had to cut down my caffeine intake by giving this one a shot.

After thorough research, I found out that this inhaler contains essential oils that allegedly improves one’s concentration and energy levels. Link after link, I browsed. Then, I stumbled upon Oiler Moms’ page.

At Oiler Moms, I purchased their essential oils set, which comes in a free and cute little cannister, as seen above  They are on promo so I got the whole thing for Php 500. Essential oils could be expensive most of the time so I thought this is already a good deal for me… or is it not?

Now, I am just waiting for my package to arrive.

With the preliminary examinations week fast approaching, we’ll see if these essential oils are the bomb.

One thought on “Are These EOs the Bomb?

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