Sisley Saffiano Tote (My First Impression)


NOTE: Unless otherwise stated, I bought every single thing I review or give impression on this blog. 

Lately, my Tory Burch Ella Tote has been giving me some trouble whenever I had to bring my “entire library” with me in attending my law school classes. (Pardon the hyperbole, but the load of stuff I carry on almost a daily basis is pretty much like it.) To start with, this bag has some weight to it when empty. So, just imagine when it’s filled to the brim, like how it is on almost a daily basis for me, when I had to bring all my thick law books and codals in addition to the other usual bag stuff I carry.

I need a lighter bag that is as much heavy duty as the Ella.

But don’t get me wrong though. Tory Burch’s Ella Tote is like one of the best creations in the designer bag industry. It’s sleek and stylish as much as it is durable and functional. I can literally carry two or three watermelons with this bag and and still be confident that I can use it in the years ahead — untarnished and in mint condition. Hence, there’s no way I’m gonna sell or give it away.

But like I said, I need a lighter one. Then I discovered this Sisley tote:


After days of endless swiping in Shopee, Carousell, and Facebook Market, I came across this brand. Actually, there a lot of item listings on this bag, which come in different colors and were all preloved. I’m surprised how a handful of Filipino women have this bag.

So why did I choose this bag?

Apart from discovering that Sisley is a reputable Italian designer brand belonging to the various businesses of the Benetton Group, I also find the bag’s style as simple yet classy. In my opinion, it kind of resembles most of Coach’s totes, particularly in terms of width and depth, which I think is a great idea. I also own a Coach Reversible Tote. However, I prefer to change my bag every now and then, so I was eyeing on looking for a cheaper alternative to it and my Tory.  After all, I don’t want to bind my contemporary designer pieces to slavery!

Sisley is a designer brand; I couldn’t be luckier!

Yes, it was a “cheaper alternative” because I bought it preloved. However, I might have ended up breaking my bank had I bought a brand new one. As I mentioned, it lines up with the other businesses owned by the Benneton Group, a consortium of designer brands/companies in Italy. I would daresay, this brand is as big as Coach and Tory, or even more! Hence, I couldn’t be happier to have found a seller who was decluttering and willing to give away this bag on a cheaper price.

So far, so good!

I used the bag yesterday and loaded it with my thick law books (Taxation Law, Labor Law Review, as well as codals on Labor Code and National Internal Revenue Code), umbrella, water bottle, pencil case, and my other workbag essentials. And boy, the bag is suprisingly durable! Upon inpection, I discovered that the bag is genuine saffiano leather and had excellent stitchings on them, particularly on the handles. So, that’s why it was strong enough to carry me through my usual crazy and long commute!

Look at how this beauty held up yesterday:


This is totally a great buy. I’m one happy struggling law student!




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