Faithfulness to God is Non-selective


When I was a kid, my papa and mama used to tell me that if I can be trusted with small things, I could certainly be trusted with big ones. Hence, they taught me to always return excess change or money; to refrain from cheating during exams even when I badly needed to pass and the teacher isn’t looking; and to always act with integrity and honesty although I don’t get anything in return.

Whenever I would ask them why, they would always just tell me, “God sees you up there no matter what.”

I believe the same goes with our faith. Each and everyone of us should be faithful to the Lord, regardless of whether we get blessings or not. We should not be faithful only when we need God to bless us with bigger things or those that we want.

Undying faith should always be the default, the general and absolute rule.

With God’s unconditional love for all of us, it is but just to give Him our most unconditional faith and trust.

Yes, without preconditions and/or qualifications. Our faithfulness to Him should not be selective.

Let us always be faithful to Him even when the going gets tough; even when days are not always a walk in the park.

May God bless you more in the days ahead.



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