Claw Your Dreams to Achieve It!

As I battle against fever and focal migraine tonight, I had no choice but to quit reading my law school lessons for a while. With the pulsating pain I feel in my head right now, I can only be happy to stumble upon an inspiration. In times like this when your body just wants you to stop at a point when you should be rushing, it’s very empowering to see true accounts of perseverance.

And just as I hoped for one, something popped up in my Facebook feed.

See this cat clawing the dried fish of its dreams? This is exactly how every human being should behave towards their goals in life.

Bold. Aggressive. Persevering. Fearless.

Photo by Panlasang Pinoy

Upon seeing this from Panlasang Pinoy Recipe’s Facebook page, I was suddenly reminded what my aspirations are and how determined I am to reach them.

And once again, I remember that not even fever and migraines can stop me from reaching my dreams.




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