A Chibi Caricature With Love

My boyfriend, Jumel, had a long hiatus from painting and doing artwork ever since he focused with his Master’s Degree and writing his West Philippine Sea-related thesis. That’s why, I couldn’t be happier when he told me that I was the only person who got him to drawing again.

Occasionally, he would draw and doodle on a piece of paper about food and other stuff we like as a couple, as well as symbolisms pertaining to our relationship. But above all, he knew that I love chibis.

According to Urbandictionary.com, a chibi is an adjective that means “small and/or miniature in a good or cute way.” The term is believed to have originated from the popular Japanese anime Sailormoon, in which a character Sailor Chibimoon may be found. Thus, the name or term was coined.

In this regard, let me show you Jumel’s version of chibi. Our chibi:


He even made a chibi of me, reading and cramming for my law school readings: (I just find it so funny!)


I love everything that Jumel draws whether or not it is about me or our relationship. I am so blessed to be marrying a handsome and talented man, who attributes all his talents and abilities to the Almighty God.

When the time comes that we’ll have our own kids, who would need artworks for school projects, I know I am covered. Lol.




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