Law School Hobby: A Sneak Peak to My Law School and Life Journal


Apart from blogging, I also write on my journal to unleash all my thoughts, frustrations, and emotions. I was even more inspired to keep one because of a wonderful lady, journal maker, and crafter, Helen Colebrook. Writing and crafting in my journal are just so “therapeutic” and stress-relieving that I am not surprised by the fact that this is one of the diversions or methods resorted to by people who are undergoing mental and emotional stress.

As the eldest in a family of three, I tend to keep my emotions in me because I always want to stand by my younger siblings. But sometimes, forcing yourself to be always strong and “okay” is not even close to being emotionally stable and healthy. Once in a while, I, just like the rest of us, need some form of good catharsis to channel our thoughts and address our emotions properly.

So I decided to keep a journal.


My journal notebook of choice is called Viviamo! and is a local brand here in the Philippines. I bought it in Rose Pink color months before the Christmas rush at National Bookstore, one of the most popular local stores here.


Actually, there are two notebooks in this journal. One is unlined while the other one has grids. I am not yet done with the unlined sheets for I only write as often as my schedule or time permits me to.


This Viviamo beauty also has some slit pockets in it where I keep some bookmarks, receipts, and other whatnot. It is just so useful for someone like me who needs constant organization!


As I said, I don’t write often in this journal. But when I do, I make sure that every entry is a reflection of my soul; a collection of words embodying my deepest thoughts and emotions. In addition, as this is also my “law school journal” (if there is such a thing), I likewise use this to document my law school challenges and triumphs. I jot down encouraging quotes and Bible Scriptures with this to remind me of why I started dreaming to become a lawyer and why I am working hard my way to achieving it.

Here, I used some dried flowers, which form part of the little bouquet that Jumel, my love, gave to me on Valentine’s Day. ❤
With my journal, I could write and do anything under the sun. So, I also use it to map out my thoughts, worries, goals, and accomplishments.
Yeah… This is one of the most painful yet worthiest lessons I’ve learned in law school.
I make a lot of journal entries about how procrastination is ruining my day. Lol.

Apart from writing down what’s in my mind and heart, I also use this trusty journal of mine to put all my law school keepsakes in one place. Here’s my Halcyon ticket I got from attending my law school’s post-bar party for our beloved barristers last year.


Likewise, I use this journal to map out my study schedule and other lawschool-related stuff that I need to accomplish.



I even doodle some procrastination-buster reminders to wake myself up from the reality that procrastination is the worst thing I could possibly do in law school.


I recommend having or, at least, trying to have your own [personal] journal.

(I say “personal” because it is only you who can read it unless, of course, you want somebody else to read some of your entries just like what I’m doing right at this very moment.)

As I previously mentioned, my journal is a form of catharsis for me, something to which I dump everything I have in mind. If there’s something bothering me lately, which I am not yet ready to talk about with my family or Jumel, I try to write them all down first in this journal. In a way, it allows me to organize my thoughts and see my dilemma in a fresher and more constructive perspective.

With this journal, coupled with my constant readings of the Bible and fervent prayers, I now have the clarity and peace of mind I thought I’ll never have.

May you find this sharing useful in your own journey to clarity, peacefulness, and stability.

May God bless us all!




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10 thoughts on “Law School Hobby: A Sneak Peak to My Law School and Life Journal

  1. I used to use Viviamo’s BDJ Planner. I liked it. and I actually miss using it, but this year I made my own bullet journal instead. I have the notebook with grids like yours, as well. Since I have a number of unused notebooks, I’m planning to make it as a scrapbook soon. 🙂 I really like this idea. It would be nice to see the notebook after a few years and get reminded of the things we’ve gone through – good or bad. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes! That’s the beauty of keeping a journal.

      You actually mentioned in your blog that you want to do bujo for this year. I suggest you continue it. You have a knack for it!


  2. I have a rose pink journal too. I write quotes that inspire me, my joys, frustrations, my plans, etc. It’s amazing how journaling can help us clear our mind, look at things in a much better perspective and help us figure out the things we need to do in our life.


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