Grab Delivery Express: My First-timer’s Feedback


Didn’t I mention I had been sick for the past few days? This notwithstanding, I have to continue studying for my upcoming preliminary examinations, writing content for clients, and living my life. So, when a prospective buyer (I’ll call her Ms. Buyer throughout this post) dropped me a message in Facebook about her interest to purchase my spare Tory Burch tote (the latest version), I was a little worried at first.

But my anxiety nearly shot up when Ms. Buyer mentioned that she want the bag delivered to her via Grab Delivery.

I thought to myself, “I don’t know how to navigate on this whole Grab Delivery thing!”

In the past, I deliver my preloved bags to buyers either via LBC or meet ups. This is my first time to use another delivery services provider and I’m as much anxious as I am excited.

I know, I act like I am one millennial technophobe. But you can’t blame me. Being a seller attaches to one some sort of legal responsibility to perform her part of the obligation once the sale is perfected. That’s the obligation to deliver the thing subject of the sale. And our Philippine laws are replete on the mandate that such delivery should be done in good faith and due diligence! Thus, I always make sure that my buyers get the most out of my customer service, even though I don’t sell stuff for a living.

Sometimes, being a law student makes you so cautious, making you so frantic about doing your part in a specific transaction. Yes, even in a simple uncomplicated sale.

But as they say, no knowledge in this world cannot be learned.

When I navigated through the Grab App, I discovered it was just as easy as contacting Jollibee to have my favorite Jolly Spaghetti delivered to my doorsteps. The only difference was I am the one sending the package or parcel. And since the Grab delivery charge is on the account of Ms. Buyer, things became easier for me to arrange.

Here are some pre- and post delivery photos I had during this transaction that I’d like you to see. I just had to blur some portions in each photo that contain my and Ms. Buyer’s personal information:

This was taken before the Grab Partner arrived to pick up this package. I know it is unnecessary, but I am more comfortable attaching notes for the delivery personnel’s easy reference.
I don’t know if you can see it but this is a photo of the Grab delivery partner holding the bag I sold.

Given the horrendous Manila traffic we have here in the Philippines, I am impressed that the delivery was completed in under an hour.

Here, I was apologizing for the lengthy note attached to the parcel. I just thought Ms. Buyer might find it annoying.
Here, Ms. Buyer tells me that the Grab Guy is already downstairs and that she sent someone to receive the package. She took this photo as proof of her actual receipt of the bag.
And there you go: Ms. Buyer had thanked me for the bag.


Overall, I am quite pleased with this transaction.

Given the fact that I am still feeling weak and recuperating from flu, the entire transaction was completed with ease by Grab Delivery.

I think I will include this as an option to my buyers, in addition to delivery via LBC.

What do you think?




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