Bible for Anger Management: How God is Helping Me Throughout the Process

Aside from lulling myself to sleep and choosing my outfit of the day every morning, I would consider my self as quick as a brown fox in almost anything I do.

Jumel, my boyfriend, who had once been trained in the military, would always tell me that I am “snappy”.

Well, I really am most of the times. I want everything quick and instant.

I walk in between insanely crowded train stations here in the Philippines in less than ten minutes because I can’t stand the Manila traffic. Why ride the public utility vehicles if you can reach your destination by feet?

Right away, I can think of a joke about something my friends and family members have just said. If it wasn’t for my dream of becoming a lawyer, I would have pursued a career in comedy.

Without holding on to the safety handrails and with only my balancing prowess to back me up, I can speed read any law book amidst the crowded and busy Metro Manila trains on my way to law school from work. (This is a talent almost all working law students in the Philippines have acquired over years of study. Lol.)

I am also very quick to  hear and listen as I consider myself a highly auditory human being.


As much as I want to continue, I won’t bore you with other things I am quick to accomplish, like eating a big plate of Jollibee Spaghetti in less than ten minutes, or a pack of Hershey’s chocolate bar in less than five minutes. But I want to make a confession before you about something:

I was also quick to anger and lose my cool.


I had been miserable and hated until the Bible taught me how to slow down, be patient, and retain that composure which I seem to have lost through the years:


I got my wake up call when I read about this bible verse. While the people I care about the most had been quite consistently loving, patient, and enduring with me, I saw how my temper affected the way they dealt with me. Because of that temper, I have always been approached by them with doubt and caution; a degree of restriction I don’t want to breed among those dear to me.

But of course, in very undertaking, challenges attach. And from the moment I decided to slow down in my temper and anger, I know I am not just doing some 21-day challenge on something — it is a leap of faith! It is a DIFFICULT and an OVERWHELMING work-in-progress for me. And yeah,  I am still struggling on it up to this date.

I know this big and central change cannot and will not happen overnight. There will be times when God will be testing my patience and endurance on people and things. But I know that He will not give me any test of anger that I will never be able to endure.

As always, I am comforted by the fact that God is with me through this journey. I know there was a reason why I encountered this wonderful piece of Scripture. I know that through every swipe of my YouVersion Bible App, the Lord is communicating with me every time.

To those of you who, like me, are doing everything in their power to overcome the temptation of succumbing to anger, to prevent irreparable damage to their lives and precious relationships, I pray and claim that we all get through this in God’s name.

May the Lord bless us in the days ahead!




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