Perks of an Artist’s Muse: How I “Kind Of” Exploited My Boyfriend’s Artistic Skills

“I’ll get back to you later. I need seclusion and focus to do this. Eat your dinner or study first.

I love you, Love.”

These were the inviolable instructions which my boyfriend, Jumel, told me before I had fallen into my glorious law school readings-induced slumber last night.

Since last week, I have been telling him incessantly how much I’d like to have this blog site revamped. When I started blogging again in WordPress in November of last year, all I had were some “test” contents and the Wilson Theme. At that time, it was the best that I could possibly get from this platform. 2018 had been a little too overboard for me so I really didn’t have the time to give this blog its much needed attention.

Fast forward to January 2019, when I was blessed enough to jump start the new year with great opportunities and rekindled positivity, I then started working on this blog. Notwithstanding my hectic schedule, I did my best to post regularly here. Well, I still am.

While I knew for a fact that CONTENT IS KING in today’s age, I do believe a blog site has to be as much attractive as it is informative or enjoyable to read. So, I thought I’d tweak my site a bit to make it look more “blog-ish”.

Thank goodness for free templates!

Yes, I can arrange gauze pads and bandages neatly on a patient’s wound. I can design an attractive plate that can woo a pediatric patient to eat his or her food and take his medications. 

But I can never, even with Divine intervention, design a blog or website.

This is simply just out of my league. 

With a tight budget (as all my resources have all been allocated for law school and daily subsistence) I don’t have the luxury of money to hire professionals to do the work for me. It can be too pricey you know. So, I started off by scampering through a bunch of WordPress free themes and contemplated which one suited my liking and blogging objectives as if my future depends on it. Good thing I was able to pick a theme that I thought would better show my content than how my old Wilson theme did. This is the theme that I am currently using right now and I cannot even remember its name.

Just when I thought that all my “hard work” paid off and all the labor ended there, another problem arose: the theme looked dull and insipid without a header image.

Oh crap.

In all fairness, WordPress was generous enough to provide us several stock images that we can use for our blog sites. And from these, I chose the photo of succulents, uploaded it as my header image, and congratulated myself for getting the job done.

Or, so I thought.

Despite the succulents, The Open Concavity still looked lifeless. I need something more colorful, promising, and energetic.

I need something more striking and significant than a bunch of succulents.

So imagine the chills and excitement when Jumel offered to make an artwork that I can use as this blog site’s header image.

Artwork for a header image?!!

Yeah, I know. That’s crazy. But for me, that’s just so sweet!

I woke up only to find this piece of art in our chatbox:

54267883_382469749043887_8756750657920172032_n-magic (1)
Sorry. I had to put those watermarks. Copyright issues…

And I fell in love the first time I saw it.

Great! My problem has been solved, but I am otherwise dumbfounded.

I was astonished the entire morning. I cannot move on from the fact that a man, who had been suffering from a creative hiatus for almost a decade now, has been able to produce an art that is way more than I expected or hoped for.

I seriously believe Jumel has to go back to or even just squeeze in his busy schedule drawing, painting, or creating art again. I mean, this work shouldn’t be his last.

“You are my muse, my Love”, said Jumel.

And while I’m overjoyed about the thought, I am overwhelmed at the same time.




2 thoughts on “Perks of an Artist’s Muse: How I “Kind Of” Exploited My Boyfriend’s Artistic Skills

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