Law School Realization: The Silver Lining From A Long Law School Exam

Image by Kevin Phillips from Pixabay

Every cloud has a silver lining, so as long exams.

A couple of days ago, one of my law professors gave us a take-home personal assessment (PA) exam which seeks to test our grasp or understanding of labor laws, doctrines, and concepts. My classmates who had him as a professor for this semester was quite happy about it. But for me and those who had been under his charge during the freshman years, we know this is not something to be happy about. (Well, at least, that’s more consoling than taking the exam in a cold classroom and under time pressure.)

The PA exam was sent almost a week ago thru our class beadle (that’s how we call our class leader in law school), who is dedicated enough to give us some pointers on making our file format uniform throughout the class. After opening the file that contained Attorney’s questions, I knew my speculation has been correct all along.


But of course, how can I be so naive to think that our professor won’t give forty long questions, the answers to which require EXHAUSTIVE explanation, illustrations, and correlations of pertinent provisions of Philippine’s Labor Code and other existing laws?

Being the struggling working law student that I am, this could be quite tormenting. Given my other major law subjects that are as much jealous and clingy to my undivided time and attention as my labor law review subject, answering this take home exam could be quite a hurdle.

“I can do this!”, I said.

Fast forward to Friday (15 March 2019), I was able to submit my examination during class. Despite having been so sick for the past few weeks, in view of my seemingly “fragile” health or immune system since January, I am just proud to have done this. Well, I know it’s too early to celebrate because I still don’t have the results from that exam (and I don’t expect to get it yet until perhaps before the finals), but I couldn’t help to be happy about it.

But more importantly, I am grateful that the exam was quite intimidating and painstaking to complete.

Sarcastic? No. I’m not finished yet.

You see, when I was browsing through the questions, I realized that I still have a lot of hard work, reviewing, and reading to do. Attorney’s personal assessment exam somehow allowed me to gauge not just my ability and confidence level in answering labor law-related questions, but also my retention of all the knowledge previously acquired. This experience made me realize that I am in the point of my law student life where I can say that “Yeah, I know that!” or “That word looks or sounds familiar!” but cannot actually recite the provision of the law quite confidently or comfortably without having to consult or verify my stock knowledge with my codals and books.

This is the reason for my gratefulness. I thank God for giving me this opportunity and using my law professor to make me realize my inadequacies. This way, I can pour in more work now, even though I still have two years before my bar examinations.

I’m not sure if I am just trying to be positive. All I know is this take home exam is an eye opener the Lord had given me for a reason, using my labor law professor as His instrument to make it happen.

Indeed, there’s a silver lining blessing in a long law school exam.




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