I Am Not Alone So I Will Not Be Afraid

I had been busy in the past few days preparing for one of the most daunting challenges that I have to overcome in my life as a student of law. Don’t worry, it’s not yet the bar examinations; I am way behind my target date of taking it.

I am referring to the upcoming midterm examinations week in our school.

For some people, a student praying hard for a law school exam may just be too overreacting. Let them  be; they are entitled to their own views and opinion. However, that will not stop me from glorifying the Almighty now that I am in the midst of my tribulations.


While my Taxation Law Review and Remedial Law Review subjects may be the “darkest valley” that I should pass through if I want to survive this semester, I know that God is close by to guide me in my journey.

He, and no one else, knows where I should be headed. I trust Him as much as I glorify Him.

May you feel the Lord’s presence as you walk through your own dark valleys. God is with you always. Do not ever deny yourself the ability and faith to recognize his presence and blessings.

God speed!




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