Loreal Paris’ Infallible Pro-Matte Powder Foundation Review: How Infallible is “Infallible”?

Loreal Paris Infallible Pro-Matte Powder Foundation

Lately, I was granted the opportunity to become one of Try and Review‘s testers. As such, one will be given a product to try so he can thereafter give his honest comments about it. I had to capitalize the word “honest” because that is exactly what the website wants to get — raw and straightforward product reviews.

How I Ended Up Becoming a Try and Review Tester

I was browsing my Instagram account and delighting myself from the cutie photos of Paningning, a dog sensation here in the Philippines, when a Try and Review sponsored ad came to my view. To my curiosity, I clicked it and was led to its website.

On the website’s homepage, I saw the Loreal Paris’ Infallible Pro-matte powder foundation as one of the products available for testing. And being the make-up-enthusiast-in-denial that I am, I signed up to review the product for free. Hence, this Singapore-based review company sent me the product.

So, what are my thoughts on this?

Loreal Paris’ Infallible Pro-matte powder foundation claims to provide its consumers “lasting matte finish”, as well as a “never flat” and “never cakey” feel for sixteen (16) hours. As someone who has tried it for the first time, I’d say that it stayed true to majority of its claims.

In order to know whether this powder foundation stays true to all its assertions, I then decided to use it for two days in itself, and without using any other make-up product on my face.

Product packaging / container

I don’t find this foundation’s case or container easy to use. I really don’t see the point why the mirror is underneath the powder foundation. Hence, applying the foundation became inconvenient. The compact mirror in it became useless since I had to use another mirror to readily see whether my application is on point.

Nonetheless, I would say that it has quite a durable packaging. I dropped this product from my lap from a distance of approximately 12 inches from the floor. Surprisingly, nothing happened on the mirror or powder foundation. Despite the weird packaging, I would say it is quite sturdy, which is particularly useful for clumsy girls like me.

Not “matte” but more like DEWY

The product felt light on my skin. It’s as if I wasn’t wearing any make up at all. It felt like I’m using my favorite Ever Bilena powder foundation.

The product is matte on its first application. However, after two (2) hours or so, my face starts to get “shiny” again. It’s not like super oily though; its shininess is more like having a dewy glow.

Now is this good or bad for me?

Technically, this should warrant a negative review on this aspect because the product claims that it can provide you with matte finish. However, I think it’s not that bad after all, considering the dewy effect it gave me.


Sadly, while the product gives an air-fine texture that is mattifying to the skin, it cannot cover blemishes, pimple marks, and other imperfections completely. For full coverage, perhaps the user can first apply a concealer or a liquid foundation prior to using this. Nonetheless, I don’t see this as a negative aspect of the product.


Finally, it definitely lasts for sixteen (16) hours as it claims to be. By then, my face was already shiny, but never super oily.

For some, they might find this frustrating. But not me.

Dewy finish is the way for those who, like me, are fan of the simple or no-make-up look. The “dewy” or “natural look is actually the road to a glowing and young appearance. 

Overall, this powder foundation feels light and blends perfectly even on a super oily skin like mine. HOWEVER, you must be reminded once again that this product does not offer full coverage. Unless you are like me who wants a close-to-bare-face make up for an everyday look, this is not the product for you.

Apart from giving my honest review, Try and Review also asked me to give them a selfie featuring the product.

Loreal Paris Infallible Pro-Matte Powder Foundation
Selfie with Loreal Paris Infallible Pro-Matte Powder Foundation. Pardon my breakouts. When you study in law school, like I do, chances are you’ll get occasional (or even periodic) break outs or gigantic eye bags!

So, how infallible is “INFALLIBLE”?

Well, L’oreal’s pro-matte powder foundation may be considered “infallible” in a sense that it controls excessive oiliness to some extent, which is something other drugstore powder foundation I’ve tried in the past may not be capable of doing. Unfortunately, it is not “infallible” in itself and the product is not as perfect as it claims to be. But it is a better option than other locally available powder foundation.

Will I Consider Reviewing Other Products Again from Try and Review?

Yes, definitely!

I take pride on the fact that I only speak up whenever I need to. If I feel I have something to say that others will surely benefit from, I’d find time to write about it. In fact, no need for payment or ex-deals for that to happen.

All my life, a handful of people had hated me for being frank or brutally honest about things. So, expect me to be just the same, even in reviews – paid or free alike.




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