Sexism Against Men: Yes, It Happens Too

Sexism Against Men
Source: National Coalition for Men (NCFM)

Trust me, this happens not only to women but to males as well.

Over two years ago, someone with whom Jumel, my boyfriend, is not even friends with at all, has “cat-called” him in a group, where almost their entire high school batch are members of. This woman kept on calling Jumel as if he was some boy toy she can just summon anytime she wants for her pleasure. Take note, this woman is in a relationship too, and is allegedly married already.

Of course, being the outspoken woman that I am, I called her attention and the other narrow-minded people who joined the cat-calling bandwagon against him. Yes, my boyfriend is good looking and all, but just like any woman, he does not deserve to be treated as such.

No person, regardless of his appearance, age, or body built, deserves to be treated as such!

Hence, I agree with the points raised in this video.

I believe the Philippines has stayed as a sexist country. It just so happened that sexism happens and is committed against women almost everyday. However, that doesn’t mean men cannot be victims as well.

So what happened?

I was called a “bitch” and was hated to death by the true bitches for speaking up and calling out their attention. But I don’t care. In all honesty, I have always known that I did the right thing.

True, somebody has to speak up about discriminatory remarks like this. I mean, had Jumel been somebody else (not my boyfriend), I would have done the exact same thing. I STILL would have risked being hated by a bunch of people who, despite their alleged educational backgrounds, choose to act archaic and backward.

Somebody has to speak up, even if the target of such remarks is a man.




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