Coach Drawstring Tote: What’s In My Bag and My Honest Review

The Open Concavity Coach Drawstring Tote
Image by:

One thing most people are not aware of about me is my “passion” for bags.

Yes, the word is “passion”.

Big word.

I love buying and collecting bags, particularly totes. I have several in my collection, including the Tory Burch Ella Tote that I bought before last year’s Christmas. I don’t know with you, but I feel so much happiness and satisfaction whenever I purchase or thrift bags. And I do this regardless if they are luxury bags or not.

For me, every bag is unique and collecting them has become a hobby.

But bags are way more than fashions statement for me.

I am not just after the aesthetics; I am more after the durability and functionality of it. I don’t buy bags just because “they look cute” or “they are Louis Vuitton”, or “they are ‘in’ thing these days”. I make sure that the bag is in as much durable and sturdy as it is elegant and classy.

Not just any other bag — it has to be a TOTE.

Even more, I don’t just buy and collect any type of bag. I have a special fondness on and buy large and sturdy totes. I like large capacity totes that can carry my laptop, my law books, notebooks, binders, coffee mug, water tumbler, and other “trash” I bring to work and school. Lol.

Yes, you got it right. I’m a CERTIFIED tote girl!

Recently, I had some “change of heart”…

However, for some weird reasons, there’s one small tote that made me fall in love with it head over heels. And it’s one of Coach’s currently popular designs these days called the Coach Drawstring Tote.

I am loving my Coach Drawstring Tote so much that I even made a video of it, ahead of the other bags that I’ve been wanting to review and film long before I bought it. I got it as one of my early 2019 splurges.



Don’t be.

Here’s the full video of my Coach Drawstring Tote:

How about you? Do you love bags too?




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