Assortative Mating: Why People Insist I and My Boyfriend Will Pass As Siblings or Fraternal Twins

JETS: Jumel Estranero and Tina Siuagan

Two years ago, I and Jumel worked in the same office as defense analysts/researchers for one of the agencies of the Philippine Government. During my first week of work, as I was having a conversation with one of our office’s employees, everyone’s welcoming me as Jumel’s sister.


I can’t help but laugh and I had no choice but to correct their appreciation of facts.

“Boyfriend ko po si Jumel, Ma’am.” (Ma’am, Jumel is my boyfriend.)

Everyone was surprised. All the while, they had been speculating on how on earth was “Jumel’s sister” been able to work with the Unit. (Pardon them, some people really just loves and breathes gossip.)

So, imagine their faces when they found out that I and Jumel are in no way related by blood.

JETS: Jumel Estranero and Tina Siuagan

Actually, we get that a lot. Almost all the time. People can’t help but stare at us, trying to figure out whether we are a couple or some siblings trying out the incest thing. Lol. And honestly, while we had this phenomenon since our day 1 as a couple, I think we’ll never get used to such attention.

JETS: Jumel Estranero and Tina Siuagan

JETS: Jumel Estranero and Tina Siuagan

I, too, am wondering why…

Old folks here say that if you look like your fiance or partner, you’ll end up marrying one another. This means the two of you are “meant to be”.

On other hand, others say that looking alike is borne out of always being together for a long period of time, such as what happens in married couples.

Well, neither of these two makes sense at all for me.

First, no one has established or proved the truth behind the “Meant to Be” Theory because there are couples, like my parents, who end up marrying each other and spending wonderful bliss together despite the lack (or absence) of similar features between them.

Second, for sure, there are people who do not end up together even though they look pretty much similar.

And finally, how can two people have similar looks just by being a couple?

The “science” behind Jumel being my real-life doppelganger

It turns out, our look-alike phenomenon may have been a result of our own choices in mating.

According to the Reader’s Digest’s article entitled “There’s Science Behind Why Some Couples Look Like They’re Related”, researches reveal that we tend to get attracted to someone who is of the same or similar facial features, size, shape, and ethnicity as ourselves.

Also, humans were found to select their life-long partners who share similar non-physical characteristics as themselves. India Times’s article, entitled “Ever Wondered Why Some Couples Look Alike? Here’s What Science Has To Say”, refers to this as “assortative mating”, which suggests that we are most likely to end up with someone who matches our genetic mapping and look strangely similar like us.

Considering all these, perhaps, I and Jumel subconsciously chose each other.

This might explain why we look utterly the same (as people would say) and share the same interests (faith, music, art, law, politics and defense) even though we have not yet been living or cohabiting as spouses.

But having an uncanny resemblance is not an assurance, it’s the Lord’s promises that do. 

No one knows whether or not we will end up spending the rest of our lives together except the Creator who had laid down all His plans for the both of us.

But, in Jesus’ name, we claim that we are!

Jumel came to my life when I was already in the right age and maturity to handle a relationship despite the rigors of law school. I came to Jumel’s life when he was at the same point of his life too. We found each other at a point when we found the beauty of surrendering our lives and future to the Lord.

We found each other at a time when nothing would have made sense had it not been for our fervent prayer and faith to His promises.

So, will we ever get used to being mistaken as siblings or twins?

Well, we can’t do anything about it other than correct other people’s wrong notions or beliefs. I mean, I can’t blame them. Even our own relatives are in awe to find out that we look like long lost fraternal twins.

Someday, I know we will. And I can’t wait for our future kiddos to be mistaken as our “younger siblings” too.

Ha ha ha!



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