Nothing is Impossible


Almost three days ago, I had a bad case of infectious diarrhea. But funny how, I call it “bad case” and the adjective has nothing to do with the illness per se.

Modesty aside, I am not the type that is threatened easily by diseases. Perhaps, this is because I am a nurse by profession; somehow, I had always felt like I had more control than others who are not in the nursing or medical profession. But more so, infectious diarrhea is something I had learned to deal with ever since I was a kid. In the family, I am the one who has the ultra-sensitive gut. So sensitive that even a five-star hotel or restaurant won’t feed me just to avoid lawsuit.

However, last time was quite different.

The infectious diarrhea I just had was bothering and making me anxious. Who wouldn’t be if you have a Taxation Law Exam on the 11th and you only have a week to prepare for a cover-to-cover exam.

Well, not a week but almost two days. What should have been a week-long review in between my classes turned to a nightmare-ish situation of passing not stool, BUT literally water.

When I was rushed to the doctor, it was already my third day of severe diarrhea. Too much water and electrolytes had been lost and I can only thank the Lord for blessing me with such a dehydration resilient body. I didn’t have to be confined to get hooked on IV for rehydration.

But also, it was a third day of review lost to an unexpected and abrupt illness.

The Lord Made Conveyed His Message: NOTHING is impossible with Him

Just as when I had been worrying over my lost time to review for my Tax Law exam, I stumbled upon the aforementioned bible verse, Luke 1:37:

For nothing shall be impossible with God.

True enough.

With the severe and infectious diarrhea that I just had, it is quite impossible for me to be able to return to doing my activities of daily living in just a snap. While I admit that I am still weak and recuperating from it, in God’s grace, my hyperactive bowels had stopped bothering me and I am on my way to full recuperation. What this challenge taught me is that, at the end of the day, no amount of struggles can destroy us so long as we keep our faith and trust to the Almighty.

If God healed me in a considerably short span of time because I believed He would, He will also help me get through my Taxation Law exam the way I did, in his name, the last time I took my midterm examination on the subject.

I claim healing and success in my final term endeavors for this month.

May God bless us always!



3 thoughts on “Nothing is Impossible

    1. Thank you. Perhaps, it was the samgyupsal (Korean) food that we ate last time or that and all my life stressors combined. Hahaha! At any rate, I am happy to be back on track. In our language of gratitude, MARAMING SALAMAT. 🙂

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