Ixion Theme: Experimenting on a New Look

Don’t get me wrong, I love how my blog looked before.

The Open Concavity Dyad 2 Theme

The Dyad 2 provided this site a decently seamless look despite my yet meager blogging resources. However, as I am still in the process of searching my voice and niche, I couldn’t help but tweak this site’s look a little bit.

Basically, nothing’s changed.

I still use (with encouragement and permission) one of Jumel’s (my boyfriend) artworks as this blog’s header image. Neither were the categories modified, though I admit that I have regrouped them to minimize the clutter in my blog site’s menu bar. And most importantly, I will be writing no different from the previous posts I published here. It will still be about “God, life, love, family, and everything else in between”.

There are some “add-ons” though…

As someone who frequents my blog (thank you so much, by the way), you may have probably noticed the following:

Minimalism Goals

I reduced the number of social media widgets I have here. Instead of showcasing them one-by-one, I thought I’d put them altogether in a single widget. That way, I can keep the site as minimalist as it can possibly be. Admittedly, I was scared at first. However, I realized that there’s nothing to be afraid or insecure about. If my content really resonate to my readers, I don’t have to display a lot of social media widgets. They will find and clamor for you.  Next, I limited my sidebar widgets to just showcasing my blog’s content. I thought I’d veer away from too much graphics and focus on the content my blog could offer the readers.

Footer Artworks

When you look at this blog’s footer, you’ll see a set of pictures showcased there. I credit Jumel Estranero, my boyfriend, for those. He is the creator of those lovely sketches. Showcasing his creations there and linking them to his profile is my way of supporting his creative endeavors.

So what do you think?

As for me, I really like it. I think it’s clean and much easier to navigate. In three or four years time, when my finances are (hopefully) finally more stable, I would really love to invest on a domain and professional site design. This blog is for keeps; something I’d like my grandkids to see or read in the coming years.




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