Stylemarx Leather Portfolio: A Birthday Gift for Jumel and a Must-Have for Every Professional


This blog post and review is not paid. I bought the leather portfolio featured in this post.

On the other hand, I neither bought nor received any of the other products mentioned herein.

Photo of Stylemarx

Any person in a committed relationship like I do may sometimes find it quite hard to think of a unique birthday present for a significant other. This is particularly so when your loved one is someone like Jumel, who is quite a dynamic yet practical individual.

Don’t get me wrong; Jumel is not the picky type. I AM. Since our day 1 as a couple, I vowed to give him something different for every occasion we celebrate, particularly his natal day. This is exactly what I tried accomplishing weeks before his birthday.

Thinking of giving Jumel something different and deviating from the usual art materials…

In my past blog posts, I mentioned that Jumel is an artist. Therefore, it was normal for me during in the early months of our relationship to give him something he can use for his artworks.

He uses oil paint as medium for some of his artworks. However, most of the time, he creates art through pens. With that, I used to give him sketchbooks, unlined journals, and even fountain pens that he can add in his stash of art materials.

But this year, I want something different. Something I know he has never had before.

Leather Portfolio is the Perfect Gift for a Hardworking Defense Researcher

For a short span of time, I had the wonderful opportunity to have Jumel as my colleague. That’s when I  worked as a government defense analyst and writer from 2017 to 2018. As defense analyst and researcher, Jumel holds various “desks” or oversees various research fields in our department.

Jumel was actually very busy by then. In order to meet all his deadlines, he would  interview subject matter experts, make public or institutional library visits, or attend meetings and conventions with fellow defense sector members. This is so in order to come up with defense research and minute studies on a specific topic he works on. And notably, this explains why his schedule or routine is more erratic than mine.

During those times, I always see Jumel holding a couple of notebooks and papers. Unlike me, he seldom brings a bag or a brief case to his meetings and conferences. He prefers to hold all his writing stuff and documents by hand.

For this reason, I thought I’d give him something that could make his life easier and more convenient; something that can contain his mobile phone, small tablet, calling cards, A5 notebooks, and other research paraphernalia. For that, I couldn’t think of anything other than a reliable leather portfolio.

Stylemarx Leather Portfolio: My Gift-Hunting Bounty

A couple of days before May 26th (Jumel’s birthday) I was on the hunt of the best yet reasonably priced and locally available leather portfolio. I found a ton in Instagram, Shopee, and Carousell but those weren’t just the ones I am looking for. I am looking for a professional-looking and handcrafted leather portfolio, which is within the price point I have in mind.

Consequently, one Saturday morning, after studying during the wee hours, I found an online shop called Stylemarx in Carousell. So, I didn’t miss any chance. I messaged its page right away and was so glad that they responded in no time.

After checking their leather portfolio photos, I knew it was the one I was looking for. It has a minimalist design and has a number of useful and substantially roomy pockets, which Jumel would surely love.

# 1 Stylemarx Leather Portfolio Handmade Style and Design

Each of Stylemarx’s leather portfolio is handmade from genuine leather. Actually, all of their goods or items are. And for that degree of personalization, it was definitely an A+ for me!

The leather portfolio that I got comes in brown or tan color. It has a button closure that is pretty much what I’d like this portfolio to have. Unlike a zipper or magnetic closure, a button snap will allow Jumel to fill this portfolio to its utmost capacity, should it need be.

Stylemarx Leather Portfolio The Open Concavity Tina Siuagan
Stylemarx Leather Portfolio – a post-unpacking shot. The button closure has a matte finish which I know Jumel would really like. (Photo by The Open Concavity)

Stylemarx also offers free laser engraving for each leather portfolio purchase. They will give you several font types and design options to choose from. You can also submit your own design to them like I did.

I’d like the portfolio to be uniquely Jumel’s. Hence, I opted for the laser engraving of his complete name in front. That way, should he leave inadvertently the portfolio behind during meetings or conventions, it would be easy for him to find it.

Then, I just had our favorite and inspiring bible verse laser engraved inside.

Stylemarx Leather Portfolio The Open Concavity Tina Siuagan
The bible verse I had engraved inside is from Luke 1:37. (Photo by The Open Concavity)

#2 Stylemarx Leather Portfolio Compartments

Stylemarx’s leather portfolio has several compartments every professional would be delighted of. It has two large slit pockets for a notebook and tablet or Ipad, a compartment for a smart phone, and several pockets for credit or debit cards and calling cards.

Also, beside the smart phone pocket is where you can find the pen pocket. Actually, it can hold up to two pens, depending on the type of pen that you bring. Since Jumel rarely brings his fountain pens with him, I think this pocket will suffice for his writing materials.

Stylemarx Leather Portfolio The Open Concavity
Photo by Stylemarx

#3 Stylemarx Leather Portfolio Retail Price and Shipping Cost

The price point also got me head over heels over this item. It retails for only Php 495.00 or approximately 10 US dollars. For the quality of product you’ll be getting, this is already a good deal!

As for the shipping cost. I would say that it was also reasonably priced. I think you’ll be charged the lowest cost when you order via Shopee. So, that’s what I did.

To give you an idea about the Stylemarx’s delivery costs, here are its delivery rates from based on its respective affiliate Philippine-based couriers:

The Open Concavity
Photo by The Open Concavity

# 4 Stylemarx’s Customer Service

Honestly, we have quite a handful of irate online sellers here in the Philippines. They are the type who are lazy and arrogant enough not to entertain customer queries. Stylemarx is different; it will never be amongst them.

I started my product inquiry with Stylemarx via their Carousell account. The Carousell account administrator was friendly and accommodating enough to offer me the lower shipping cost that may only be availed of via their Shoppee account.

For me, that simple act of candidness or honesty is rare among online sellers. Nowadays, sellers will give you good customer service only after they’re sure you had placed your order. I’m glad that Stylemarx knows how to take great care even of their prospective customers.

# 5 Delivery Time

Since each of Stylemarx’s items is handmade and personalized, it gives all its customers a disclaimer that every order will be shipped after fourteen (14) days or so. They actually have a mini manual on how the process works. Accordingly, I was sufficiently apprised of the entire production period and process that I didn’t get surprised why my order took quite some time to be delivered.

In all fairness, I think I got the product earlier than expected. Even though it came in late for Jumel’s birthday, it’s okay. As I mentioned previously, I was completely informed of the entire waiting time for the leather portfolio.

Stylemarx Leather Portfolio and Other Leather Goods are a Must-Have for Every Professional

So what happened then?

Well, Jumel doesn’t like the portfolio.

He LOVES it!

He wasn’t expecting that I’ll be giving him something work-related as present for his birthday this year.


Jumel’s wide and beautiful smile, as well as the showing of his lovely dimples, validates his happiness upon receiving his present. He told me that this is exactly what he’s been looking for. He just didn’t know where to find it or start looking for it. (*winks*)

I think (and I’m sure Jumel would agree) that this leather portfolio is a must-have for every professional, particularly for those who spend most of their time attending meetings, conferences, or conventions. It’s a great way to keep all of your essentials together in one place.

Currently, I’m actually contemplating of having my own leather portfolio too. I am also checking other Stylemarx items. This way, I can do bulk orders to save some shipping costs.

Here are other products from Stylemarx’s online shop. Again, all of them are or may be personalized. Photos used below belong to Stylemarx:

Personalized Notebooks with Leather Covers
The Open Concavity
Leather Key Fob
The Open Concavity
Leather Bag Tag
The Open Concavity
Leather Cord Organizer
Leather Lanyard
The Open Concavity
Leather Notebook Cover or Sleeve
Leather Bookmarks
The Open Concavity
Personalized Metal Tumbler with Leather Sleeve
The Open Concavity
Leather Checkbook Holder
Leather Card Holders
The Open Concavity
Leather Mobile Phone Pouch
Leather Key Holder
The Open Concavity
Paddle [Hair] Brush
Wooden Design Case with Pen
Wine Flasks with Leather Sleeves
A+ Gallery_18.jpg
Personalized Notebooks
The Open Concavity
Personalized Leather Catch-All
The Open Concavity
Leather Hang Tag
The Open Concavity
Leather Passport Holder

Stylemarx also sells products in sets. This can literally save you a lot of money.

Valentine Gift Set
The Open Concavity
Student Package

You can connect with Stylemarx via the following links:










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