Aim For The Moon. If You Miss, You May Hit A Star.

aim for the moon (The Open Concavity)

W. Clement Stone, the proponent of the inspiring quote mentioned above, surely aimed for the moon or even the entire galaxy in order to turn his dreams to real time success.  His fortune in the field of insurance may have been due to some degree of luck, but he sure made all his successes to reality through hard work.

However, is it all hard work?

The Open Concavity NO gif

Like Maya Rudolph here, I would have to say “no”. Had he been alive today, I bet W. Clement Stone will also agree.

After reading this quote once again through Helen Colebrook’s journal, I thought I had to revisit my aspirations in life and re-examine what I had been doing to achieve them.

I realized that you got to have some sort of blueprint to guide your life. Hard work is nothing if you don’t know what you want to achieve in the first place.

You have to have dreams to tell you where to go and what to become.

Then, I realized that I had been short-changing myself recently. I propound questions I can’t believe I’d ask after years of being so sure of how I’d go about reaching my stars.

Was I really doing what needs to be done?

Am I putting my best and whole self on this?

Am I just being all-plan-but-no-work all along?

It finally dawned on me that I made myself contented with mediocre goals, work, and accomplishments even though I know I could do and achieve more. At some point, I relied merely on gut feel without really taking the time to lay down a practicable plan to reach my goals — short-term and long-term goals alike.

These affected not only the quantity of work I complete, but more so, the quality and value it gives to my life and to the people around me. All because of a mindset that says “that will do”.

I aimed for the earth’s atmosphere when I can actually shoot myself up to the galaxies and stars above. 

However, TODAY, that should not be the case anymore.

From now on, my life’s daily hustle should not turn me into a machine that validates itself through the number of products it produces every single day. I should aspire for greater heights and push myself to the limits, i.e., out of my comfort zone. I should try doing things that, though scary, would certainly tap my greatest potentials as an individual.

I should aim and achieve the highest possible goal my imagination and my human body can work hard for. And in case I miss my target I know I’ll still be in a great position. After all, I may still hit a star.

As I vow to do all these, I hope that anyone of you reading this will do the same thing. May we find the courage to take the the path that leads us to the better version of ourselves.

Through the loving presence of the Almighty, may we all find the courage and strength to program our “inner rocket ships” to land on the moon or crash against the brightest star (Much better!).

Keep believing and never stop achieving!

May God bless you all in the week ahead.




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