Bag Review: Mizzue Bag (Kassandra Laborde) and Why I Seldom Use It

Mizzue (The Open Concavity)
Sorry, I just suck in making flatlays. Lol

I have always been a “tote girl”. This means, I prefer totes or large bags than smaller ones. I bring my “entire life” with me so this girl’s got to use a large bucket.

If you may recall, I have mentioned a few number of times that I looooveee tote bags. In case you don’t remember anymore, or you are a new reader, I made short posts about my preloved Tory Burch Ella Tote and Sisley Tote.

Nonetheless, there are still rare times when I would let “indiscretion” rule over me and buy small purses I know I might just lost interest on later. So far, I hadn’t lost interest yet on my Coach Drawstring Tote. And so do I for this bag.

Kassandra Laborde as Mizzue’s original creation

The bag I’ll be taking about today is called “Kassandra Laborde”. It is an original creation and/or design made by an Asian/Chinese brand called Mizzue.

Mizzue bag (The Open Concavity)

The Mizzue company is gaining thousands of following here in the Philippines, as well as all over Indonesia, Hongkong, and Singapore. No wonder, they have several online shops such as Mizzue Philippines, Mizzue Indonesia, Mizzue, Singapore, and Mizzue Malaysia.


I bought this Kassandra Laborde bag two years ago and it became part of my 2017 “Christmas splurge”. I bought it together with Mizzue’s Yuri Smitz bag, which I will talk about on this blog soon.

My “indiscretion” — reasons I bought this bag

What really got me to buying this bag in 2017 was its color and design. I can still recall how Mizzue sold this bag to me when I saw its facebook video demonstration on it (Mizzue sells their bags via their Facebook page not only through pictures but through video presentations too. Hence, you have a chance to at least visualize how each of their bags would look in actual.)

I fell in love with its beige-but-close-to-nude color. It seemed to be perfect for almost any outfit I have in my wardrobe. True enough, it complemented most of my outfits. I especially like using it when I’m wearing something black or white.

Mizzue (The Open Concavity)

Next, I love the bag’s woven design. It is not extraordinary though. However, it is something I haven’t had in a bag before; I just gotta give it a try.

Eventually, when I used it, I realized that the bag’s woven design can pretty much go along with different patterns and prints. I didn’t have to worry what dress to wear it with.


I also love the golden hardware that this bag came with. I love anything gold, particularly when they’re paired with black or nude-colored bags. It just makes the items look more classy or elegant.

Mizzue (The Open Concavity)

And lastly, Mizzue got me to ordering this one because of its three-way feature. This means, it may be used as shoulder bag or handbag, sling bag, or back pack.

The large metal rings on the its back side enables one to transform it to which way you want it to be. The bag came with three (3) slings – two long ones and a short one – so it’s easy to switch it from one form to another.

Mizzue (The Open Concavity)

Mizzue bag The Open Concavity
May be worn as a backpack.
May be worn as sling bag.

However, notwithstanding all these good qualities, I seldom use this bag. Obviously, this is just too small to accommodate my lifestyle (it is only around 10 in. long x 9 in. wide x 3 in. deep).


On the average, it can pretty much fit a decent amount of stuff, provided you’ll stick to your small items. But that won’t just work for me. Since I had to bring my medicine kit, my books, folders, water bottle, coffee tumbler, and other garbage (Lol), I need bigger bags on a daily basis.

This bag was just too small for me. I made a video review and see it yourself.


It’s really just small right?

So, what now? FINAL VERDICT.

Because I don’t want to put this bag to waste, I gave it to my mom. Like me, she also loves bags. However, we are total opposites — I love totes, she likes smaller purses.

Whenever I’ll have to run some errands, I’ll borrow this bag from Mom. But that only happens when my other sling bags and/or handbags are too small to fit some stuff.

But overall, I loved and still love this bag. Although it may not be something I can use everyday, I still think it’s good value for money because, with its features, it’s like getting three bags for a value of one.




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