Bible Devotion: Celebrating 4th of July and My Birthday With Psalms 20:4

Word of God

I am past that stage in my life when all I would ever care about for my birthdays are celebrations and gifts.

Yes, it could and will always be fun to be showered by gifts and be remembered by people.

However, it wasn’t as of a big deal now as it was before.

Throughout the years, I learned and discovered what truly matters.

Thank God for failures, challenges, and roadblocks!

In my 31 years of existence, I learned that things will never go the way you want them to be.

But things will happen and materialize according to how God wants them to be.

I’ve had my fair share of what I called back then as “failures” and saw all my life plans crumble to pieces. This was before I realized that I shouldn’t be preempting what the Almighty had in store for me.

Before, I’d hate it when I don’t get what I want or worked for.

But eventually, I found out that all my failures, challenges, or roadblocks are actually a prelude to something bigger, better, and wonderful.

They are a prelude to the realization of God’s perfect plan for me.

“Thy Will Be Done” as my Birthday Wish

For my birthday, I came across this bible verse that really struck me to the core.

It is from Psalms 20:4 and it goes like this:

“May he give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed.”

In my 31 years of existence, I learned that success comes only when you let God work in your life.

Indeed, it is normal to have your own aspirations in life and your unique game plan to achieve them.

But whenever we deliberately take God out of the picture, things would surely be harder.

When I allowed the Lord to work in my life, His hands crafting the best “game plan” to achieve my dreams and life goals, things became more tolerable and easier.

When I allowed Him to peek through my heart and mind, my aspirations became more meaningful.

When I surrendered to Him my fears and my heart’s desires, my existence became clearer and my life purpose became more resolute.

My Birthday Prayer

As a renewed daughter of the Lord, I skipped the “birthday wish” and, instead, proceeded to make a silent prayer.

I prayed for God’s guidance as I complete my law studies.

I asked for the courage to successfully hurdle my bar exam when my turn to take it comes.

I prayed for unwavering firmness to stand by my principles and justice as I become a lawyer in the near future.

I prayed for a meek, affectionate, and understanding mind and heart that will make me a responsible and loving wife and mother in the future.

I prayed that He use me as an instrument to uplift others’ lives and to make them know and love Him even more.

I have nothing but gratitude right now

I have nothing but praise and gratitude for all the blessings I received from God throughout the years.

Meanwhile, I thank all the well-wishers who remembered and greeted me on my birthday yesterday.

I claim that God bless you with everything and anything that will bring you happiness and will make your and your loved one’s lives comfortable and abundant.

To those who, like me, were born on the 4th of July, I greet you a [belated] happy birthday and pray for you just the same.




By the way, I got cute digital gifts from my love, Jumel.

He made me these:

The Open Concavity

The Open Concavity


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