Bible Devotion: Pray Always With Faith

Bible Devotion Mark 11:24

Time flies so fast that I didn’t realize that almost three months had already passed since the culmination of my recent law school semester. To date, it is the most difficult semester I have ever had.

It was so difficult that it tested every aspect of my life, particularly my faith in the Almighty. I am just so glad that I managed to get through it alive, retaining my sanity.

Taking up Remedial Law and Taxation Law review subjects from the previous semester tested my limits, my self-confidence, BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, my FAITH

This previous semester, Remedial Law and Taxation Law were among the review subjects that I had to take up in order to comply with my law school curriculum. However, this was the same semester that made me question my capability as a law student.

It was also the semester that I started doubting a little bit on what God has in store for me.

All these happened because Remedial Law and Taxation Law review subjects had LITERALLY tormented me.

When I found out that I’ll be under the instruction of one of the finest lawyers and Remedial Law luminaries in the Philippines, I know I am in big trouble. This seasoned lawyer and a known authority in Remedial Law is likewise considered by many as my law school’s gatekeeper.

So, getting past him by passing my Remedial Law review subject seemed like an impossible feat because, honestly, my foundation in Remedial Law isn’t that good. Well yeah, I was able to pass my previous Remedial  Law subjects with prayers, hard work, and self-study. But with this “Atty. Gate Keeper”, I was not so sure whether I could make it.

Meanwhile, Taxation Law wasn’t easy peasy either! When all our taxation laws do is talk about percentages, numbers, and how to compute something, it is inevitable for a non-accountant like me to freak out. I was never good in numbers so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I was overwhelmingly threatened by this subject.

Overall, the recent semester scared the hell out of and took its toll on me. I was so beaten up and emotionally distressed that time. I even came to a point when I’d rather stay awake than sleep, even when it meant danger on my health and well-being. My sleeping pattern and law school bedtime routine became miserable, making my body weak and prone to sickness.

Always pray with faith

Whenever I’m threatened with challenges like this, I’d speak to Jumel, my boyfriend, for consolation. He knows me pretty well and he is the honest type that will never hesitate to tell me what’s wrong.

According to him, I just have to keep praying harder and believing MORE. Having heard this, it seemed so puzzling for me at first.

Well, of course, you believe in God when you pray.

How can he say that I should “believe more”?

But eventually, I realized the wisdom behind Jumel’s words.

Yes, I had been praying all along. I’d been telling the Lord about my struggles and how miserable I am in coping with the rigors of the previous semester. However, I lacked something in my prayers.

I lacked TRUST.

As soon as I realized this, I skimmed through my bible app and that’s when I encountered the bible verse illustrated above. I thought I’d read it using my Thinline Reference Bible.

Mark 11:24’s KJV Version goes something like this:

“Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.”

That’s it. Jumel was right all along.

True enough, I didn’t falter in praying. I worked hard, studied harder, and prayed the hardest from the start of the previous semester.

But my prayers lacked fervent faith — one that endures and doesn’t falter.

Faith that is sure and trusting.

Faith that surrenders everything to the Lord.

Everything materializes when you surrender every piece of you to the Lord!

After my realization, I told myself, in one of my soliloquies:

“Okay, Tina. This is it. You just have to do what you need to do to surpass this semester. This is your dream, it’s normal to do anything to achieve it. But whatever happens, let God do the work. Let Him work. Claim success in his Name!”

From that time on, whenever I’ll have unsure days and bad test results, I would always pray and tell God, “Lord, let me pass semester with flying colors. I claim IT, in Jesus’ name, in your name!”.

Perhaps, some of my classmates and friends would think that I am some kind of religious freak but I honestly didn’t care. Whenever I think of how many times God has saved me and blessed me with things greater than what I prayed for, thinking about other people’s misconception about me is the last thing I’d do.

Fast forward to today, I am blessed and humbled by the fact that I was able to surpass the nerve-racking semester whole, healthy, and sane. My health improved, my sleeping pattern became better, and my faith to the Lord grew stronger.

Looking back, I regret for a bit that I doubted myself and the power of faithful prayer.

But I am thankful that I had to experience all these.

These experiences, albeit dreadful, served as my wake up call, my eye opener. They made me realize how beautifully God works in your life whenever you surrender yourself to him. They likewise taught me that no matter what happens, God is always with me.

Thy Will Be Done!

All that God wants us to do is to trust Him fully as we invoke His divine prowess and intervention. Being the faithful, just, and loving God that He is, He wants us to consider everything we prayed for as completed.

For after all, He has already set the blue print of our lives even before we were born.

Jeremiah 29:11 The Open Concavity

While working my way through achieving my lawyering dream, I also have to trust the entire process. I know for sure that my law struggles are just some of the ways that the Lord uses to prepare me for bigger things — for the mission He wants me to fulfill when His perfect time comes.

In posting this bible devotion, I just want all of you to know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE in your struggles. God is with you. He has always been with you and He will be with you until the end.

May you find the strength to continue and be the best version of yourselves, as sons and daughters of God, amidst struggles and adversities through this simple bible devotion blog post.

God bless you all!





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13 thoughts on “Bible Devotion: Pray Always With Faith

  1. You reminded me of my mom when she sees me praying and goes as “pray but with unwavering trust that you are to receive that you pray for, that’s how you get is is by trust!”
    🎉Congratulations on passing the semester!🎉
    And thank you so much for these posts serve as a reminder to me 💖🙈

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Your mom is full of wisdom!

      Sometimes, when times get rough, we tend to forget that there’s a Higher Being that we could call and trust. We start to doubt, creating unnecessary fear and anxiety. The last few months taught me that that shouldn’t be the case.

      Thank you for reading this post. May the Lord shower you with more blessings in the years ahead.

      And by the way, Happy Birthday, my sister in God!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. We were created to worship not worry. when there is no relationship, there can be no faith. Pray but we must remember, we are not a mere human who has no greater ability then us. who makes promises, but have the inability to see it through. No this is almighty God, the creator of heaven and earth. the all knowing, all seeing, all present God. Great post, may God be pleased you and increase your joy, peace and grace


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