I Am Officially a Published Author!

Never in my wildest imagination have I thought that I’d get published in a book, much less in a territorial defense and security-related academic work!

If it isn’t the legal profession, I’ve always seen myself as an actress or singer.

But never did I imagine, even once, that I’ll be a writer.

I am just so happy to have done a project and co-authored a book entitled “The Challenges Posed by Transnational Organized Crime and Terrorism: A Philippine Counterterrorism Handbook”,  with the love of my life, Jumel, by my side.

This photo and the succeeding ones are by Manmar Francisco (Defense Research Officer, National Defense College of the Philippines)
My love’s work!
Waaah! Here’s my work. 

For this, I couldn’t thank enough Ma’am Amparo Pamela H. Fabe, one of the Philippines’ experts in the field of security, for giving us this rare opportunity.

Before, I’d write for people without getting any form of recognition at all. I was happy doing that, knowing that Philippine leaders, military officers, public officials, and other people in the ranks are using my work to create a better Philippines.

But this one’s different.

I guess it won’t hurt to enjoy the limelight this time. ❤️

To God be all the glory. Thank you, Lord for using me as an instrument of change!




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14 thoughts on “I Am Officially a Published Author!

      1. You are being very modest saying it’s just a little victory. I think it’s a big one especially as far as being published in an academic – security journal! Surely that will be highly beneficial towards your legal career. My biggest publishing highlight came when an excerpt from a book review I wrote was used with famous Australians and Hollywood filmmakers comments as a foreword to a book about the ‘first’ internationally famous Australian adventurer Alby Mangels. Hey, you’ve just given me an idea about a post I can write. Hehe


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