A Short Tribute to All My Fellow Teachers

Happy Teachers' Day from the Open Concavity
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In case I haven’t told you yet, I was fortunate to serve as a public school/college instructor at a state college here in the Philippines.

Then, I used to teach Basic English (Study and Thinking Skills), General Psychology, Speech, undergraduate Philippine Constitution and History, and Business English.

My students ranged from freshmen to senior students.

You might be wondering, “Hey, you’re a nurse, right? Why teach when you can promote health and wellness, and care for the sick?”. Well, I did those for the first 2 years of my professional career, caring for patients as a triage nurse in an ambulatory clinic, and making programs and lobbying polices for male involvement for safe motherhood through no-scalpel vasectomy and reproductive health.

My mom and dad had been teaching high school students and college students, respectively, for the past 30 years. Perhaps, I got my knack and passion for teaching from them. I saw how dedicated they were (and still are) as public servants and educators. Right then and there, I knew I’d like to make positive transformation in the youth’s life in the same way that they do.

Going back… Yeah, I experienced and am thankful to have become a professor back in the days. Even for a brief period of time (3 years), I was able to make an impact to the lives of the kids I taught the aforesaid subjects to. Although they were mere minor subjects, I vowed and made it a point to inculcate to their consciousness the value of nationalism, obeisance to Philippine law and order, and empathy for their fellow human beings. Despite the fact that there were some students who had been a “headache” and resistant, I would say that I got them all to change and become the better version of themselves.

Teaching has taught me the value of hard work, dedication, patience, and how to value the great potential of the youth.

But most of all, teaching taught me that molding the minds of young people is the hardest task of all.

Hence, I’d like to take this opportunity to greet all my fellow educators, professors, or teachers a HAPPY TEACHERS’ DAY!

Your invaluable service and dedication to your respective fields has opened an avenue for change and allowed the youth to use their fullest potential to improve their lives, their family’s lives, and the overall welfare and condition of your country.

Nothing can compensate your sleepless nights just to complete your lesson plans and other non-teaching related paperwork, the hoarseness of your voice as you carry on hours of lecture, and, most of all, your dedication that often leave you hungry and beaten up.

Meanwhile, I’d like to greet all my former teachers the same. Without you all, I would not have become the person that I am right now.

I owe everything I know and the principles I stand for to all of you. Thank you for being my positive influencers and mentors.

May God continually bless all our teachers – here in the Philippines and in all parts of the Globe.

Cheers to y’all!





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