Rest If You Must

The Open Concavity
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Dear Tina,

I, yourself, am writing this open letter to somehow help you process what you’re going through.

You had been sick and fatigued in the past few days after juggling your grueling law school midterm exams preparations and work. In the recent two years of your working student life, taking up mostly review subjects, I noticed that you always got sick after that “hell week”.

Yes, you still get sick despite binging on food supplements and vitamins.

Today is just like one of those days. And as you rest on your bed, I realized something:

You had been ditching sleep and rest for your readings, not knowing that you are harming your aspirations in life when you do it.

You harm me, yourself, too.

Rest if you must

True enough, one should not stop from pursuing his dream. But that doesn’t mean you should skip health and wellness in the process.

It’s okay to hustle as a working student. However, you must not forget that we are humans.

Humans need rest, recuperation, and nourishment too, you know.

I know, this is the sad realization you had been trying to ward off for two years now. But today, you must finally come to terms with it.

As we get sick, the more we lag behind our schedule and our to-dos. Like in your situation, for instance, you had been absent from your law review subjects for the entire week just because of fatigue.

So much time had been diverted to rest and recuperation, which would not have been necessary had you given myself priority a bit more.

Rest is not a waste of time

Some law students (or other graduate school students) think that sleep and rest are waste of time.

“We have a lot of readings. We can’t have long sleep.”

Yes, we can.

Admittedly, when a person is sleep deprived, he becomes thrice as weak, and easily fatigued and sickened than one who has at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep.

Hence, sleep or rest is never a waste of time.

It’s a necessity.

Don’t feel ashamed for prioritizing yourself

Sometimes, law students like you feel ashamed for using your university’s allowable absences.

You feel guilty as if acknowledging that you are sick, tired, and fallen is a crime.

Today, please realize that you shouldn’t be!

No professor, law school, or law school classmate will help you other than yourself. They won’t send you to the clinic or hospital if you become ill.

No amount of law degree or life aspiration can replace the body and health that the Lord Almighty had lent you, so you can live and fulfill your mission in this world.

Not even vitamins or supplements can save you.

You are a nurse by profession, but I don’t judge you. Now that you are on your way to becoming a lawyer, I won’t be surprised if some degree of pressure gets into you at the moment.

So, rest if you must.



Tina (yourself)


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