Stand Your Ground When in the Right

As I stumbled upon today’s verse in my Bible app, I knew right away that I had to share it ASAP:

The Open Concavity

Throughout the years, I have observed that a great number of people chose to either turn a blind eye towards wrongful acts around them, or join those who do bad and unrighteous acts thinking that being a “bad ass” is “in” and acceptable by today’s so called democracy or liberalism.

I have once worked in a government agency when, for so long, some employees are breaking the law and abusing their public office. When I and my fiance, Jumel, stood up against them (Yes, we were co-workers, until now that we are in a different government office.) to call out such unlawful and unjust acts, majority of our other co-workers discouraged us right from the very beginning.

“Hayaan n’yo na lang.”
Just let them be.

“Ikibit balikad n’yo na lang.”
Just shake it off.

“Matagal nang ganyan ‘yan eh. Hindi na magbabago ‘yan. Hayaan nyo na lang.”
They’ve been (referring to the infractors) like that throughout the years. They won’t change anymore. Just let them be.

“Mag-move on na lang tayo.”
Let’s just move on.

If it wasn’t for our strong will and faith, we could have followed these unsolicited advises.

But I and Jumel realized otherwise


The government should be a place where competent workers and people with INTEGRITY are found. It is not a place for scumbags and jerks, taking advantage of public funds for their personal motives and comfort.

We knew that by just “letting them be” and “shaking things off”, we would just be acqueising to the wrongful acts we never intended to be part of.

However, as we fought, we were downgraded and persecuted.

As we advocated for law and justice, we were mocked and even threatened.

The abovementioned bible verse is very close to my heart because it was the only refuge I and Jumel had during those times when we have nothing but ourselves, family, and God against our adversaries.

It was difficult and scary at first.

But with God’s loving presence and promise of love and justice, we carried on, even when it meant being persecuted and mocked in the process.

Today, through God’s grace, we are now in good hands. We have found a new working environment where every public servant is dedicated, accountable, and worthy of emulation.

Good thing we hadn’t lost faith and confidence in the system for there are still a greater number of government workers who stay true to their oath of uplifting the Philippine civil service.

I share these experiences with you in the hope of making you realize that God actually blesses those who are persecuted and treated badly for doing the right things in life.

We should not be ashamed to do good when everybody else is succumbing to evil.

Neither should we falter to fight for what is right, lawful, or just.

Stand your ground when in the right and you’ll find that God has always been there, standing with and by you all throughout.

May you all have a blessed week ahead!





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3 thoughts on “Stand Your Ground When in the Right

  1. Good for you and Jumel for standing up for what is right! I liked that you used your own language even though I wouldn’t be able to pronouce most of it! Lol. Great post, Tina. 😊


    1. Thank you so much for reading.

      It was hard having to put up with people like them. But through determination and our faith, we are happy to have surpassed this challenge in our career as public servants.

      We hope our story would somehow resonate to those who are faced with vices. May they continue to do the right thing despite temptations or undue influence.

      Liked by 1 person

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