Pray. Believe. Receive.

You may have noticed that I got out of circulation for almost a month and stopped making blog posts for a short while. This is so because I took my career as a defense/security practitioner to the next level and accepted an offer to work with the government once again.

However, while some people may find this opportunity all glam and happy ending, I am here, struggling to strike a balance between my new work and law studies.

In this new work, I have a more challenging job description than I had before. Unlike before, I need to be out of the office most of the time and organize conventions for my fellow government workers, to tackle compelling national security issues that afflicts my country. This means I have to spend more time to working than I would to studying.

Admittedly, it somehow took a toll on me. Unlike before when I would normally just be in an office, I have lesser time to read and study provisions and concepts of law. With the demanding nature of my current job, it just feels like it is hard to carry on.

Despite all the difficulties and setbacks I’ve had in the past month, I have this bible verse to console and remind me that all I need is an ardent prayer to the our Lord:

The Open Concavity

I always pray for the clarity of mind, determination, and courage to overcome all challenges that I may face at work or in my study of law.  And right at the moment of that prayer, I know and I BELIEVE that I will receive these and anything that I truly deserve because I prayed for it. Hence, I know that I’ll go through this chapter of my life, particularly this trying law school semester, with success and flying colors.

When one prays to the Lord Almighty, he’s supposed to do so with trust and faith in His goodness, power, and greatness. Prayers, no matter how beautifully worded they are, are futile when done with skepticism and reservations. Mark urges us to repose our full trust and confidence to God, so much so that we consider whatever we prayed for fulfilled.

May this message inspire you to keep praying with trust and faith to the Lord.

Pray, believe, and receive. But most of all, always give thanks to Him for another opportunity to live and achieve your life’s aspirations.



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