Happy National Women’s Month!

Last Monday, our Human Resources department tasked me to deliver an opening prayer during the first day of our agency’s commemoration of the National Women’s Month. I was a little taken aback with such task because I have never prayed anywhere in front of a big crowd; I only pray and meditate by myself, or with my family and my fiancé, Jumel. More so, the challenge of crafting a solemn prayer in keeping with the National Women’s Month celebration didn’t make this task any easier.

But who am I to decline? I know this is God’s will so I took the assignment wholeheartedly.

As I was crafting my opening prayer, I took inspiration from the accounts of heroism of my fellow Filipinas and from existing initiatives and efforts of making women an indispensable stakeholder of positive transformation.

But above all, this bible verse inspired me the most:

Happy Women's Month

Having been given the privilege to do the opening prayer last Monday made me realize that National Women’s Month (or any day celebrating the significance of women worldwide) is not about putting women on a pedestal, leaving men in an inferior and disadvantageous position. For me, the true essence of celebrating National Women’s month is emphasizing and recognizing the co-equality of men and women, which humankind has failed to witness and appreciate in the past decades. It is the essence that we should endeavor to bring awareness of among the present generation and among those who are yet to be born. This is actually what the abovementioned bible verse is trying to tell us.

At this juncture, allow me to share the prayer I composed for the aforementioned celebration, made with the Lord’s guidance and for His reverence:

Lord, the Creator of Heaven and Earth, we lift all the glory to Your highest Name. Your presence is an embodiment of all power and light upon us. We ask for forgiveness for the things we’ve done against Your Will and change our wrongdoings. May all of us here be thankful of Your grace and love. Thank you for the wisdom and guidance.

Today, as we commemorate the National Women’s Month, we humbly beseech you to bless and inspire us so that we may be able to instill in our hearts and minds the true meaning and aspirations of this celebration. Help us to embrace one another, our similarities, and difference, as well set aside our biases, so that we may be able to provide a safe, just, and fair environment to inspire and empower women, and engage them as indispensable stakeholders of national security and development.

In the days to come, as we put WOMEN’S EMPOWERMENT to the forefront, may you give us the unwavering strength, courage, and commitment to MAKE CHANGE WORK FOR WOMEN.

All these we ask, in Your Name, our Lord, The Most High, AMEN.

Through this prayer, I was able to communicate to the Lord what I have in my mind and heart. But then, I can only hope that I was able to glorify Him and pay tribute to all women out there through this prayer.





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