Singing the Enhanced Community Quarantine Away! (Part 1)

I guess most nations or countries these days are putting their people under lockdown, in view of the Novel Corona Virus 2019 outbreak (COVID-19). Here in the Philippines, our President had put the entire Luzon, which is one of our main islands, under what the government called the Enhanced Community Quarantine. Accordingly, effective 16 March 2020, until 12 April 2020, Filipino citizens in Luzon will be experiencing limitations in travel and/or movement within the island.

Enhanced Community Quarantine is not actually what others would say as “lockdown” (although it’s short of having one). In this type of limitation to the Filipino citizens’ movement, the government strictly prohibits anyone from going out of their homes without necessary or official business to perform. People are allowed to go out of their homes only under the following circumstances:

  1. During medical or health emergencies;
  2. Going to and from work, provided the person has a a valid identification card (I.D.) and/or proof/certificate of employment (Notably, most businesses and government offices have adopted other work arrangements [e.g. work from home and compressed work week] in view of the suspension of operations of public utility vehicles and railway transit system; and
  3. To buy food and other necessities

We also experience curfew hours these days, with checkpoints at main ingress and egress throughout Metro Manila and entire Luzon island.

So, see? We are kind of left without any choice but to stay home. At any rate, Filipinos are fervently interested in “flattening the curve” — the increasing rise in COVID-19-related sickness and deaths. Hence, most of us, if not all, choose to just stay home.

My extra time spent on singing

I actually don’t have much “extra time” because I am one of those government employees who are required to work from home (WFH). But because of my current work arrangement, I pretty much more time in my hands now than before.

After working from home, I try to relax by going back to my first love — singing. So, whenever I have time, or if I am in the mood, I record myself singing.

I love Disney songs so I decided to start off by singing a cover of one of my favorites, “A Whole New World. With lack of any talent in playing an instrument, I couldn’t thank the youtube channel Clark on Stage for providing a male part-only video-minus one for ladies, like me, who like to sing their hearts out in Youtube.

Here’s my rendition of Disney’s A Whole New World, with music accompaniment and arranged by Clark on Stage:

In times like this, we can help our respective government in combating COVID-19 by doing our part — by staying at home, employing social distancing, ensuring proper hygiene, eating healthy, and fortifying our immunity. By doing these, we are not just protecting ourselves, we are also protecting our loved ones and all the people around us from contracting this lethal viral infection.

I hope you enjoyed watching the short clip above. If you have the time, you may want to explore my channel and consider subscribing too. 🙂

May God bless us all through this trying time. I wish everyone the best health and condition as we battle the corona virus.

We will win this, as we always had over our previous ordeals as humans!





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3 thoughts on “Singing the Enhanced Community Quarantine Away! (Part 1)

  1. […] In my previous post, I covered Disney’s “A Whole New World”. This time, upon my brother’s persistent request, we did a cover of one of the popular Original Pilipino Music (OPM) songs we have in the Philippines. It is called “Ikaw at Ako”, which Moira Dela Torre (a contemporary pop singer and songwriter) and her husband, Jayson Hernandez, composed and sang for their nuptial. […]


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