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Hello! I am Tina, a thirty something nurse-turned-defense-analyst and working law student who loves to write and, hopefully, make a steady and decent income out of it.

Welcome to my humble nook!


I am the author and founder of The Open Concavity Blog

I know my blog sounds ridiculously paradoxical, but I guess that pretty much sums up my life in its entirety – recluse in my CONCAVITY but very much OPEN to so many possibilities.

Thus, the blog title “The Open Concavity”.

So what do I write about?

Some blogging experts profess for a niche, a focused and “intentional” content. As I am a woman of so many interests, I’m afraid I can never do that.

So, I write about:

My faith in God and life as a Christian, devotionals, and inspiration


As a renewed daughter of the Lord, I use this blog as platform to reach out to anyone who would like to connect with the Almighty.

I write about my reflections on bible verses and my perspective in Christian faith in general while making sure that I live by every single word of it.

Whenever inspiration kicks in, I also write motivational posts. I share useful stuff that keeps me motivated, which I am pretty sure can keep you going too.

Law school stuff

The Open Concavity Tina Siuagan case digest
Image by witwiccan from Pixabay

I started this blog so I can have a sweet escape from the miseries and toxicities (I am not even exaggerating!) of law school. But what started merely as a diversion rekindled my interest in writing and passion to reach out to others.

Here, you’ll read a lot of law school-related or law student articles or blog posts. It is my own way of reaching out to my fellow law students and friends, forging brotherhood (or sisterhood) with them, and showing them that we have allies to get us through in reaching our lawyer dream.

Defense analysis, territorial disputes, and national security

Philippines Muslim Militants

Meanwhile, the defense research analyst in me makes me write about articles/blog posts on anything national security, territorial disputes (particularly in the Asia-Pacific), insurgency, terrorism, and violent extremism. For the most part, I write for other national security publications and online platforms.

Whenever I’m lucky to grab a copy of my polished work, I post them here too. You may read some of my works here or go to the PUBLISHED WORKS tab found on top of this site.

Health and Wellness

Pili Essential Oils Open Concavity

Didn’t I mention I’m also a nurse by profession?

As such, I always have this urge to care for and help people live a life of bouncing health and wellness. So, expect me to write about some health tips and road-to-wellness kind of stuff here, which I would normally intertwine with my law school blabs.

Beauty and Lifestyle

Loreal Paris Infallible Pro-Matte Powder Foundation

7 Louis Vuitton Neverfull Bag / Tote Alternatives That Will Not Break the Bank
Photo by: Ardee Bags and Watches

Finally, if you happen to see blog posts on bags, make up, skin care, and other things beauty and lifestyle, don’t fret.

You’re still in The Open Concavity; that’s the girly Tina who’s writing.

Woah, five niches!?!

Screw the focused blogging.

I’m taking them all in!

Meanwhile, a glimpse on some of my written works

I also wrote for other platforms and submitted some stuff to newspapers of general circulation here in the Philippines.

I wrote about politics, defense, and law. Here are some of them:

Blogging, writing, sharing, and connecting through The Open Concavity

The Open Concavity About

Writing about and tending 5 niches is never too much if you have the passion to share with others.

I started this blog as a diversion from law school and other stressors. I didn’t once imagine that this will turn to something beautiful and bigger as this.

I find refuge in writing. I write about the niches I mentioned above whenever I could.

But what really makes me happy is helping others through my writing.

I am happy that my blog does these.

Hmm… What else?

In my free time…

Hey, what is a “free time”? Lol.

Kidding aside, when I get to have “free time”, I watch telenovelas, update my personal journal, and catch up with my law school backlogs.

But most of the time, I beauty rest and sleep. Ha ha ha!

Anyhow, thank you very much for dropping by my online space.

I hope you enjoy your stay here and find some useful information for you and your loved one.

God speed!



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